Fabric Heaven

This week we were lucky enough to have Alex from Milgate in Richmond come and show us the most incredible fabric ranges from Pierre Frey.

For those who don't know Pierre Frey, we MUST urge you to look up their website (we've linked it here for easy viewing - watch the video to gain full fabric appreciation).

A short history (cos no one likes long history's).. they are a French fabric house, founded in 1935. "Patrick Frey and his studio as well as the designers, the master weavers, printers and embroiderers that all put their know-how at the service of a common passion." Using old & new techniques, hand printing and now covering wallpapers, furniture and releasing 2 new collections each year, as a fabric house, they are truly amazing.

The quality is exceptional - and worth every dollar on the price tag. They are a designers dream to use & the outcome is always sensational.

We've selected a few of our favourite fabrics below - but keep in mind that they NEVER stop making previous designs. So that beautiful fabric from the 50s can still be made today! (Insert our mouths on the ground - yep..)

Designer Hint: They are trade only, so if you have any furniture or bedheads, cushions etc. that you want recovered or made using Pierre Frey, please let us know! We can help!!  

Em and Han x

Images via:

Pinterest & Pierre Frey

Why hire an interior designer?

The ultimate question. It's two pronged really... 

Firstly, let's break down the basics. Although we understand accounting (that debit credit thing), we still have to get an accountant come tax time - because let's face it, they know more than us, know the tricks and also have a far superior knowledge (at least we'd hope) because they studied accounting.. literally had to turn up and take exams to make sure the balance sheet, balanced.

So, going by this theory, we LOVE interiors, actually went and studied it because we loved it so much and now we want to pass on all of our knowledge, tips, tricks and passion for beautiful spaces to you. We can draw up cabinetry and design your kitchen; we can help choose tiles and flooring; then we can also help hire all of the trades you need to make everything a success. 

You e.g. the client; then hire us because of the next prong:

This now has a few separate nibs... 

1. Doing your house is a hassle if you don't love interiors and design. Who has time to look at all those house pictures, decide on a style and THEN go and spend weekends and nights trawling the internet and homeware/furniture stores to put it all together. Then it's expensive so you trawl further for discounts or cheaper prices (sometimes they don't exist) so you're back at square one and now that sofa is SOLD OUT. Plus that's just if you're doing the styling/decorating part of your house. What if you actually wanted to renovate? THE CHOICES!!!!! How do you choose ALL of that 'stuff'?!? (Hire Us)

2. You've seen this AHHMAZING room and you want to recreate it.. you've found the 'look' and now you've found the furniture, paint colours and decor - but hold the phone...it doesn't look right?! This is not what you selected in the shop..it can't be. It's supposed to turn out like the photo... (insert buh bowww noise). This is because of a few teeny tiny 'errors' in some of the key pieces, or that cookie cutter interiors don't ever really work. Did the sofa just look too big? Or perhaps your rug choice was close, but just not quite right. We're here to help you so there's no expensive mistakes AND you achieve your dream 'look' that is bespoke to your house, space and budget. (Hire Us)

3. You simply don't have the time nor the care to do ALL of the work associated with making your home fabulous - but you want a fabulous home. That's what we DO! (Hire Us)

4. You need someone who understands cabinetry design, kitchens, laundries and layouts. This person also happens to know where to find everything you need, including trades people - trusted ones!!! (Hire Us)

From the most simple of styling work to the ultimate of new home builds or existing home renovations, we are here to HELP. We can make your life so much easier & you may even end up with styles and colours that you never knew would work or that you love. It's our passion and we want to create the best outcome for you - remember that! 

Here's a sneaky link to our services page.


E & H Design are here to support you in enhancing & unleashing your homes potential. We can help you realise your dream home..

Diamond In The Rough Series: Episode 1 'Albert Park'

Em and I have  a lot in common (obviously) we studied all the same things, love our footy and share a passion for old homes that need a little bit of TLC. So, one afternoon Em said - 'I've had a great idea'.. and I reckon it was! This was how this new blog series was born.

Define diamond in the rough: one having exceptional qualities or potential but lacking refinement or polish.

What Em and I will be doing, is traipsing around Melbourne to find distinguished old homes that have been left a little too long and the years have aged them (some REALLY badly) and show you through them, talk you through what work would need to be done (even $$ wise) and then we may even give some tips on what we'd do if we had a stack of cash just lying around!

Firstly, welcome to the Albert Park Residence

A bit of history of the property: it has been in the family since 1965 & has had no one live in it for the past 6 years... to us the fact that someone DID live here even 6 years ago is mind blowing. As we walked through, the front 2 rooms were beautiful with open fire places and beautiful cornices and ceiling roses. The floorboards were wonderful and raw but it was a shock when we walked through to the kitchen and "outhouse"... is that what you call it? The photo's hardly do it justice, but it was a little bit of a must see to believe. However, an amazing large backyard and garage with lane entry awaited us. If you know Albert Park, car parking is at a massive premium so that just added a bonus tick. Ahhh the POTENTIAL!!! As Em and I scanned the outside and looked up, it's a funny feeling to share the same emotions and we just kept saying to each other... "..what you could do with this place.." & "the bones are just magical" & "Let's make money so we can start buying these and doing them justice"... (insert nice investor with money to spend and trust in E & H Design to create magic HERE)!!!

Upstairs was just another shock... tiny laughs kept escaping - WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!!!! There was some nice carpet in the bedroom that overlooked the backyard, with a bathroom next door where everything was SO old I truly believe it came built with the house!! But the front bedroom was beautiful, big and the view was special. Just poking through you can see the water. Yep, cue "water views" in real estate speak!! Then Em said, what's this stair case just here? Should we go up?" ...well of course, we MUST see everything. It was literally a staircase to nothing.. just a higher water view and view out to the street. Confusing - what was that built for?! Let us know if you have any ideas because we're stumped. 

Anyway, enough rambling - enjoy our pics and videos and Ep. 2 will discuss what you need to spend and tips on what we'd personally do. 

E & H Design visits Den Fair

A few weeks ago, Em and I braced the rainy Melbourne weather and headed into the Exhibition Building to visit all the amazing brands and suppliers at Den Fair.


Imagine a huge warehouse room and fill it with hundreds of beautiful interior products - that's Den Fair. It is a texture heaven and a feast for the eyes. Walking through, there were definitely a few stand out's which we've listed below! But ultimately it's a great opportunity for suppliers and designers to meet, chat and discuss new products, new technologies and see the up and coming trends.

  1. Fred International (Melbourne showroom coming soon!!)
  2. Zuster
  3. Meizai
  4. Designer Rugs
  5. Cadry's
  6. Kerry Armstrong Art

Enjoy our pics from the day below! 

Love Han & Em x

A Weekend Away in Daylesford

A big part of inspiration is getting off the beaten track and going places you've never been before...it's a way to open your eyes to discovery. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 7.04.44 pm.png

Having never been to Daylesford before, I took a leap of faith and booked an Air BnB ..it looked like a cute little farm house, styled well and inviting. It was much more! Alicia was a fabulous host and we arrived to the fire going and bread and butter for toast in the morning. Perfect!

The next morning my partner and I woke up early and discussed what to do for the day... my list was a lot longer than his with places I wanted to visit, see and discover. So, being a true melbournian couple, we went for a walk about the property (#farmlife) and then made our way into town for coffee. 

"Where's good for coffee?" ...the ultimate and potential morning breaking decision... bad coffee leaves a bad taste in your mouth and your wallet. So, we made an executive decision that we'd try Larder Cafe (click on the link to see it in all its coffee glory). 

Then, it was a look at ALL of the shops... I think we managed to go into nearly every one, enjoying the vintage shops, beautiful women's clothing shops and of course the homewares shops. I've listed my favourites below.

Then, SURPRISE! A massage was lined up for me at the beautiful Hepburn Bath House... I was spoilt rotten! When I was picked up we stopped by Hepburn Springs to browse the incredible store Found At Hepburn. I had been following them on Instagram and it certainly did NOT disappoint! 

I won't bore you with everything other minute detail about our weekend, so instead I've listed all the cafes, restaurants, fromageries and shops (and even a bar) you need to try and see if you're in Daylesford next!!!

Cafes to try:

  1. Larder Cafe
  2. Kouklas
  3. Cliffy's

Restaurants to try:

  1. Perfect Drop
  2. Mercato
  3. Sault

You MUST get cheese & wine from: The Fromagerie Cheese Bar (22 Raglan St, Daylesford)

Have a drink after dinner at The Belvedere Social (you could also eat dinner here too..thank me later)

And finally... the shops to spend your hard earned cash:

  1. Harry & Me
  2. Manteau Now
  3. Bromley & Co.
  4. Mill Markets

Love Han x 

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 7.10.27 pm.png